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PuroWIN Leopold Gruber
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Farmer Leopold Gruber heats with PuroWIN

Leopold Gruber runs a dairy farm with an apiary in the Mostviertel. An advertisement in the Bauernzeitung newsletter drew Leopold Gruber's attention to the Windhager PuroWIN. After 34 years, the farmer from Lower Austria wanted to replace his old wood shaving boiler. And he opted for a wood chip heating system again, because the wood from our own forests should also be put to good use.

Leopold Gruber was completely won over by the PuroWIN's unique and patented suction system. This is because it allows him to use existing buildings without the need for much renovation. A silo was converted into a wood chip storage area. The wood chips are now transported to the boiler via an approximately 20-metre-long pipe from the storage facility through a 6-metre-high barn to the boiler room. Leopold Gruber is also enthusiastic about the PuroWIN's low particulate emissions. Environmental awareness is important to this farmer. An existing photovoltaic system, for example, provides the entire farm with a self-sufficient supply of electricity and temporary storage if the worst comes to the worst. 

Overview: Reference from Leopold Gruber  
Energy type Wood chips
Site Basement/boiler room
Area of use Multiple-family homes/farm
Heatable surface 430 m2
Fuel feed Suction system
Accessories MES INFINITY control
1,000 l heat accumulator tank
300 l + 100 l hot water tank
Old equipment Wood chip boiler; 34 years old