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Wood shaving heating systems - Wood shaving boilers - Wood chips

The wood shaving heating revolution

Windhager Central Heating is heating with wood shavings, too. Wood chip heating systems are impressive with completely new fuel gasification technology. With its patented technology, the Windhager PuroWIN is the world's first wood shaving boiler that can also draw in wood chips as standard production.

Wood chips - the fuel with a future

There are a lot of great reasons to choose a wood shaving heating system: As a raw material, wood shavings are CO2-neutral, produced domestically, resilient in the face of global crises, and not dependent on oil and gas. Compared with other raw materials, it is also much cheaper because wood shavings are usually produced from residual wood from domestic woodland. The wood is left to dry outdoors for up to one year, then chopped up and can finally be used for the wood shaving boiler.

At the same time, you don't have to compromise on comfort with a wood shaving heating system from Windhager. The wood shaving boiler automatically provides precisely the amount of heat desired all the time.

Products for heating with wood chips