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Windhager Zentralheizung

Heat with vision

You can heat comfortably, safely and cost-effectively with a heating system from Windhager. In Salzburg, we manufacture reliable and innovative boilers ‘Made in Austria’ – and have been doing so for over 100 years. Today, Windhager is one of the leading manufacturers of boilers for renewable energies in Europe.

Windhager heating systems truly stand out when it comes to high energy efficiency and innovative technology. Thanks to smart control, heating with a Windhager pellet boiler, wood gasification boiler, wood chip heating system or heat pump is both economical and convenient. A central heating system from Windhager can be used in versatile applications – from single-family homes and farms to apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Heating systems from Windhager

The Windhager Advantage

Premium quality

High-quality materials, state-of-the-art production technology and precision – right down to the smallest detail.


Reliability and fairness are the foundations of the trusting, long-term business relationships we have with our partners and customers.

Top service

Great customer service is not the destination, but the journey. We take you further.





Windhager CURRENT

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