The environment & forms of delivery

Environmental credentials of pellets

As they grow, trees absorb CO2 from the air. When wood is burnt, exactly the same amount of CO2 is released so this doesn't exceed the amount which would be released if the tree rotted naturally in a forest. Heating with wood pellets is therefore CO2-neutral and greatly helps protect the climate.

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Pellets, forms of delivery

The quality guidelines for transport and storage logistics are defined in ENplus and ÖNORM M7136.

Pellets are available from fuel retailers in the following forms:

  • for manually filling the integral fuel hopper in 15 to 30 kg bags and 900 kg large cardboard boxes on a Euro pallet
  • for automatic room and building clearing, loose, using bulk road trailer, volume as required (quotation and delivery in kg)

Pellets must be totally dry for transport and storage. If stored damp, they will swell a lot. The pellets must therefore be protected from dampness during transport and storage until burnt.