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Subsidies in Carinthia

The incentive programme “Get away from Fossil Fuels” from the Austrian province of Carinthia is intended to make it easier for private households to switch to a renewable heating system. Owner-occupied houses with a maximum of two apartments, detached houses, semi-detached houses or terraced houses fall under the subsidy programme. The provincial subsidy is available for pellet boilers, firewood boilers, wood chip boilers or heat pumps.

The Carinthian provincial subsidy is granted as a supplemental subsidy to the federal “Get away from Oil & Gas” subsidy and is limited to a maximum of 35 per cent or EUR 6,000 of the eligible investment costs.

Pellet boiler
subsidy of up to €6,000
Wood chip boiler
subsidy of up to €6,000
Firewood boilers
subsidy of up to €6,000

Further information on the Carinthian provincial subsidy

On-site energy consultation

The free on-site energy consultation must be carried out by qualified energy advisors from netEB before commencement of the boiler replacement. The protocol has to be attached to the electronic application for subsidy. If the building shell is already insulated, the energy consultation is no longer necessary.

First apply for a federal subsidy

First apply for the federal “Get away from Oil & Gas” subsidy. Once the eligibility requirements are met, the Carinthian provincial subsidy will be confirmed as a supplemental subsidy.


You can find more information on Carinthian provincial subsidies in our flyer or directly on the website of the funding agency

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Subsidies in Carinthia