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More comfort thanks to Windhager wood chip gasification boiler

The switch from a wood-fired heating system to the PuroWIN wood chip gasification boiler has made heating much easier for the Aigner family over the past two years. The farmers were convinced by the forward-looking technology and the production of the boiler in Austria.

More heating comfort please!

Until two years ago, the Aigner family burned around 50 cubic metres of firewood in their 16-year-old kitchen stove. Heating up several times a day meant an enormous effort for the part-time farmers from Ruprechtshofen in Lower Austria. That is why they wanted more comfort with a wood chip heating system, which at first seemed difficult to achieve due to their lack of a storage and boiler room.

PuroWIN: Technology for the future

After some research, the PuroWIN wood chip gasification boiler from Windhager caught Johann Aigner’s attention, not to mention that of his son Johannes. Because when it comes to investments for the agricultural business, the Aigner family relies on forward-looking technology, preferably from Austria. Their tractors come from Steyr and their agricultural machinery comes from Pöttinger. The PuroWIN has also joined their ranks since the 2017 heating period. They are particularly enthusiastic about the innovative technology of updraught gasification and the resulting extremely clean combustion: "The PuroWIN already meets the requirements of the next generation, that's what we like so much about the boiler!" And a solution was also found for storing the wood chips - building their own bunker.

Thinking about tomorrow today

Regionality and sustainability are very close to the Aigner family's heart. The hay goes to horse stables nearby, feed is sold to regional farmers and agricultural services are offered in the area. Windhager also attaches great importance to the conscious use of resources. The PuroWIN is absolutely leak-proof and therefore has high savings in energy because it does not re-ignite every time it is started. Even if neither fuel nor air is added, the ember bed lasts for a very long time and the boiler heats up again by itself.

Windhager offers support with planning

The Aigner family was completely convinced when they visited a PuroWIN reference system on a farm very close by. Windhager Area Manager Hubert Wieseneder organised the meeting together with Josef Hauer from the responsible installation company Bruckner from Purgstall. "Seeing the Diendorfer family’s heating system in operation motivated us to push ahead with the conversion ourselves," says Johannes Aigner.

And it certainly went quickly: An outdoor fireplace was installed, a former storage room was repurposed as a boiler room and a new, round wood chip storage area was built on its outer wall. The plans for the 60 cubic metre bunker came from Windhager, and the installer assisted with the implementation. An auger transports the wood chips from the storage to the boiler. A heat accumulator of 800 litres and a boiler of 300 litres complete the heating system together with the kitchen stove they still have. However, the Aigners have rarely heated it up for two seasons now. That's because it's too convenient to generate heat with the PuroWIN, which provides constant heat to 420 square metres of space fully automatically. The wood for this grows around the farmhouse in their own forests and Johannes Aigner processes it into wood chips himself.


Overview: Reference from the Aigner family  
Energy type Wood chips
Site Basement/boiler room
Area of use Multiple-family homes/farm
Heatable surface 420 m2
Fuel feed Auger transport

800 l heat accumulator

300 l hot water tank

3 heating circuits