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PuroWIN the Karner family

Cosy warmth for the Karner family and 4,500 chicks

Bad St. Leonhard in Carinthia is where the Karner family calls home. The 10th generation is now still running the large family farm. Besides forestry and dairy farming, poultry fattening is also an important pillar of the Karners' business. In 2016, the old firewood boiler was replaced with a 40 kW wood chip gasification boiler from Windhager. The construction of the new poultry house two years later required another heating modernisation. Because the chicks that number up to 4,500 need to have it especially warm in the first three weeks of life. To meet the large heating demand, the Karner family opted for the PuroWIN with 110 kW. The residential building is heated via an existing long-distance pipeline. A new long-distance pipeline that supplies the 5,000-litre accumulator tank was integrated into the poultry house.

Overview: Reference from the Karner family  
Energy type Wood chips
Site Basement/boiler room
Area of use Farm and poultry house
Heated area 200 m2 living space + 600 m2 chicken coop

2 x 2,000 l accumulator tank + 1,000 l accumulator tank as load compensation

5,000 l accumulator tank for the poultry house

Domestic hot water heat pump