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Boiler room with LogWIN Premium wood gasifier and AeroWIN Premium heat pump Janko family Heat pump AeroWIN Premium Janko family The Janko family house is heated with the LogWIN Premium wood gasifier and the AeroWIN Premium heat pump

Comfort upcycling with Windhager hybrid heating

Ursula and Franz Janko have been heating with a LogWIN Premium from Windhager since 2008 – and are absolutely satisfied with it. Nevertheless, they wanted a sustainable option for more comfort and flexibility for heating in the future. The solution: a combination of their wood gasification boiler with the new Windhager AeroWIN Premium heat pump.

The Jankos' home in Altlengbach is a true oasis of well-being in the middle of the Vienna Woods. The property also includes a section of woods where they can collect firewood free of charge. But that's not the only reason why the two have been heating with split logs for years. Treating the environment and its resources with respect is also a major concern for the couple. That made it all the more important for them to use an environmentally friendly alternative to replace the ageing gas boiler, which had previously served as a supplementary heating system.

Hybrid heating for more comfort

Heating with wood was then the obvious choice for the Janko family. The decision in favour of the LogWIN Premium with its extra-large filling chamber made of robust stainless steel has proven to be the right one for Franz and Ursula Janko time and time again over the past twelve years. The heating system also includes a 2,000 litre accumulator tank and – until recently – an old gas boiler as an emergency heating solution. Because Mr. Janko wanted to heat independently of fossil fuels, he looked for a simple and compact alternative for the gas boiler with his installer, Rottensteiner from Hochstraß.

Independence from fossil fuels

Due to the installer's excellent practical experience with combining wood gasification boilers and heat pumps, the Jankos opted for the Windhager AeroWIN Premium. The high level of satisfaction with the wood gasification boiler and the customer service from Windhager made the choice even easier.

The low-temperature radiator system used to heat the 180-square-metre house was ideal for integrating the heat pump. Even at low sub-freezing temperatures, the AeroWIN reaches flow temperatures of up to 65 degrees – perfect for the radiators. At the same time, the heat pump ensures a continuous hot water supply if required. The intelligent Windhager MES INFINITY system controlensures smooth interaction between the wood gasification boiler and the heat pump. Firstly, the heat is taken from the wood gasification boiler and the accumulator tank. The air heat pump only goes into operation once the heat in the accumulator tank is no longer sufficient or the temperature in the accumulator falls below a previously defined limit value. Thanks to the tried and tested hydraulics with function guarantee, heating with the wood gasification boiler/heat pump hybrid system is a particularly energy-saving solution.

Efficient and whisper-quiet

The tranquillity of the picturesque Vienna Woods is a real treat for the Jankos and is not in any way disturbed by the new heat pump. The AeroWIN is whisper quiet. When you are five metres away, the sound level is only about 30 decibels. In addition, the silent mode function can be activated if required, for example at night. This makes the heat pump barely audible.

In addition to the LogWIN Premium and the accumulator tank, the Janko family's boiler room now also houses the indoor unit of the heat pump. All of the hydraulic components and the InfoWIN Touch control element are integrated there to save space. Thanks to the built-in webserver, the system can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone via the Windhager myComfort control app.

Incidentally, any existing or new wood energy boiler, such as a pellet boiler, can be combined with the Windhager air/water heat pump.


Overview: Reference from the Janko family  
Energy type Air & Wood
Site Basement/boiler room
Area of use Detached house

1500 l accumulator tank

MES INFINITY system control

Old equipment Gas heating systems