The ideal pellet store

Pellet storage

Storage and transport solutions for Windhager pellet boilers

Pellet storage

The ideal pellet store


The ideal pellet store is dry, offers sufficient room for a year's supply of pellets and is located on an exterior wall. A fire protection door ensures maximum safety.

The lorries that deliver a year's supply of pellets can blow them into the storage room from a distance of up to 30 metres. Ideally, a pellet store will be on an exterior wall. It does not need to be right next to the boiler room. Thanks to Windhager's innovative, dust-free suction system, hallways and rooms can be bridged with no problem.

Eight-probe suction solution

  • More storage space (1/3 and more)
  • Saves time and money
  • Safe and maintenance free

Pellet rules of thumb

Storage roomEnergy content
650 kg pellets = 1 m³ storage volume1 kg pellets = 4.9 kWh
2 kg pellets = 1 l of EL heating oil = 1 m³ natural gas
Store room dimensions with inclined supports in room = building heat load in kW x 0.9 = annual storage room requirement in m³3 m³ pellets = 1,000 l of EL heating oil = 1,000 m³ natural gas

Patented pellet suction system

 1 probe3 probes8 probes
Configuration recommendationSquare storage room with masonry walls, up to 4 m²Rectangular storage room with masonry walls, up to 6 m²Storage room with masonry walls, min. 4 m² 2 separate stores (zones), special shapes for storage rooms: e.g. L-shaped
Inclined floorOften a good ideaUsually a good ideaUsually not necessary
Safety functionAutomatic, agitationAutomatic, "Rinsing and changing over"Automatic, "Rinsing and changing over"
Suction power ensuredup to 25 mup to 25 mup to 25 m
Store dimensionsHeat load in kW x 0.9 = storage room volume in m³Heat load in kW x 0.9 = storage room volume in m³Heat load in kW x 0.75 = storage room volume in m³

Modular kit system

The modular and economical steel sheet inclined floor only consists of three basic elements::

  1. Vertical support 0.5 m
  2. Cover plate 0.5 m
  3. Cover plate for extension to 1 m sloping surfaces

Optional: Front cover plates 0.5 m and 1 m


  • Easy installation - just arrange and screw into place!
  • Custom-fit solution for all storage room sizes
  • Simple, self-explanatory construction with only three basic elements
  • Galvanised sheet steel ensures easy sliding of pellets and a long service life
  • Tested stability up to a room height of 3 meters
  • Standard cut-out for suction pipe feed-through

Sheet steel hopper

Alternative solution for damp spaces

A sheet steel hopper is suited for pellet storage in damp spaces and can be installed directly in the boiler room as it is made entirely of galvanised sheet steel sections.


  • Flexible adaptation to circumstances1) (22 types and up to approx. 10 tonnes in volume)
  • Can also be installed directly in the boiler room (legal specifications and distances must be maintained)
  • High stability and mechanical strength
  • Ideal for damp installation rooms

Sheet steel hopper dimensions


Fabric hopper

Alternative solution for damp spaces

A fabric hopper is another solution for damp installation rooms. The height-adjustable frame construction and conical base are also made of galvanised sheet steel. The outer shell is made of anti-static plastic fabric.


  • Flexible height adjustment from 1.8 to 2.5 metres
  • Available in 7 sizes (up to 9 tonnes in volume)
  • Can be installed directly in the boiler room (must maintain legal specifications and distances)
  • Long service life thanks to galvanised frame construction and durable, anti-static plastic fabric
  • Ideal for damp installation rooms
  • Super quick installation involving just a few screw connections


Buried and outdoor hoppers

For outdoor storage

If there is no space available in the house or basement, the pellets can also be stored in a plastic tank buried in the garden.

Available sizes

Buried hoppers are available in several sizes and can be obtained from partner companies.


  • Storage solution for use outside buildings
  • Dry, secure pellet storage regardless of weather
  • Buried hoppers with up to 6 tonnes capacity delete (on request)
  • External hopper with up to 7 tonne capacity

Storage Room App - Quick and easy

Storage Room App Advantages

  • Available free of charge in the app stores
  • Applicable for all Apple and Android systems
  • Produces appropriate storage room solutions with few inputs
  • Scaled 2-D views
  • 3-D examples for each storage room solution
  • Most important conversion formulas at a glance
  • Integrated PDF generator
  • Quick access to Windhager's storage room brochure and planning document
  • App does not require internet connection and can be used in the basement
  • Personalisation possible

The app can be downloaded for free from app stores:

Download Android version

Download Apple version

Link to browser version

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