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The ideal pellet store

Pellet storage

for every need

Pellet storage

The ideal pellet store


The ideal pellet store is dry, offers sufficient room for a year's supply of pellets and is located on an exterior wall. A fire protection door ensures maximum safety.

The lorries that deliver a year's supply of pellets can blow them into the storage room from a distance of up to 30 metres. Ideally, a pellet store will be on an exterior wall. It does not need to be right next to the boiler room. Thanks to Windhager's innovative, dust-free suction system, hallways and rooms can be bridged with no problem.

Eight-probe suction solution

  • More storage space (1/3 and more)
  • Saves time and money
  • Safe and maintenance free

Pellet rules of thumb

Storage roomEnergy content
650 kg pellets = 1 m³ storage volume1 kg pellets = 4.9 kWh
2 kg pellets = 1 l of EL heating oil = 1 m³ natural gas
Store room dimensions with inclined supports in room = building heat load in kW x 0.9 = annual storage room requirement in m³3 m³ pellets = 1,000 l of EL heating oil = 1,000 m³ natural gas

Patented pellet suction system

 1 probe3 probes8 probes
Configuration recommendationSquare storage room with masonry walls, up to 4 m²Rectangular storage room with masonry walls, up to 6 m²Storage room with masonry walls, min. 4 m² 2 separate stores (zones) Special shapes for storage rooms: e.g. L-shaped
Inclined floorOften a good ideaUsually a good ideaUsually not necessary
Safety functionAutomatic, agitationAutomatic, "Rinsing and changing over"Automatic, "Rinsing and changing over"
Suction power ensuredup to 25 mup to 25 mup to 25 m
Store dimensionsHeat load in kW x 0.9 = storage room volume in m³Heat load in kW x 0.9 = storage room volume in m³Heat load in kW x 0.75 = storage room volume in m³

Practical, flexible and stable

Modular kit system

The modular and economical steel sheet inclined floor only consists of three basic elements::

  1. Vertical support 0.5 m
  2. Cover plate 0.5 m
  3. Cover plate for extension to 1 m sloping surfaces

Optional: Front cover plates 0.5 m and 1 m


  • Easy installation - just arrange and screw into place!
  • Custom-fit solution for all storage room sizes
  • Simple, self-explanatory construction with only three basic elements
  • Galvanised steel sheet has a long service life and ensures easy pellet movement
  • Tested stability up to a room height of 3 meters.
  • Standard cut-out for suction pipe feed-through

Sheet steel tank

Alternative for damp storage rooms

A sheet-steel tank is suited for pellet storage in damp storage rooms and can be set up directly in the boiler room.

  • Flexible setup thanks to Windhager's patented suction system (up to 25 metres from boiler room)
  • Flexible adaptation of store size to the desired pellet requirement (22 types and up to approx. 10-tonne capacity)
  • Capacity of up to 4 tonnes of pellets available with 1-probe suction solution
  • Optimum use of space thanks to modular design
  • High stability and mechanical strength
  • Dry, dust-free pellet storage
  • Flexible arrangement of connections
  • Can be easily installed by customer without a mess
  • Excellent rust protection and long service life
  • Filling leaves no signs of wear

Sheet steel tank dimensions

Abmessungen Stahlblechtank Windhager Pelletslagerung

Fabric tank

The standard solution

Pellets can also easily be stored in an antistatic fabric silo mounted on a height-adjustable, galvanised steel frame.


  • Height adjustable: Height-adjustable frame construction allows the room height to be used to its best advantage.
  • Dust-free filling: While pellets are being filled through the filling pipe, dust is being suctioned out via the return air pipe at the same time.
  • Optimised free pellet flow: Thanks to Windhager's inclined steel cone, pellets are carefully transported to the boiler until the tank is completely empty.
  • Long service life: The stable, galvanised steel floor ensures a long service life.

Pellets are discharged through Windhager's patented pneumatic room and building clearing with a fully automated changeover unit and two suction probes, providing all the benefits associated with the system.

Pellets Gewebtank - Windhager

Buried tank

For outdoor storage

If there is no space available in the house or basement, the pellets can also be stored in a plastic tank buried in the garden.

Available sizes

Buried tanks are available in several sizes and can be obtained from partner companies.


Storage Room App - Quick and easy

Storage Room App Advantages

  • Available free of charge in the Google Play and Apple app stores
  • Applicable for all Apple and Android systems
  • Produces appropriate storage room solutions with few inputs
  • Scaled 2-D views
  • 3-D examples for each storage room solution
  • Most important conversion formulas at a glance
  • Integrated PDF generator
  • Quick access to Windhager's storage room brochure and planning document
  • App does not require internet connection and can be used in the basement
  • Personalisation possible

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