New look for Windhager boiler

March 29, 2016 - Windhager is presenting the pellet boiler BioWIN2 and the wood gasification boiler LogWIN Premium with a brand new look. The new design has a modern feel and comes with the innovative control panel InfoWIN Touch.

Following the introduction of the wood chip gasification boiler PuroWIN in a new design, Windhager has now given a new look to its two flagship products, the pellet boiler BioWIN2 and the split log boiler LogWIN Premium. As well as modernising their appearance, Windhager has replaced the boiler control panel with an innovative touch panel complete with high-quality capacitive glass display.

As easy to use as a smartphone

The new control panel InfoWIN Touch is as easy to use as a smartphone, as Windhager has transferred the operating concept of the myComfort control app to the boiler. All relevant data can be accessed and set with just a few touch and swipe commands. For example, temperatures can be easily adapted using sliding controllers as with the app. All information is also displayed in reduced form and with self-explanatory symbols or plain text. The intuitive menu guide simplifies operation further.

A highly powerful processor also ensures a high resolution graphic depiction. To allow the operator to access the boiler from a smartphone, the InfoWIN Touch is equipped with a web server as standard.

LogWIN Premium Touch now with buffer loading assistant 

The LogWIN Premium Touch now comes with a very practical feature: the new buffer loading assistant. This bar-shaped LED display is built into the front of the boiler. This unique feature allows the operator to see even from a distance whether there is sufficient heat in the buffer or whether additional heating is needed.

Convenient and safe 

In addition to the new look, both boilers have the same proven benefits as before. The pellet boiler BioWIN2 Touch has the smallest space requirement in its class and fully automatic cleaning. The boiler burns the pellets very efficiently and cleanly, so the ash box only has to be emptied once a year. The BioWIN2 Touch is also the only pellet boiler on the market with a two-year maintenance interval, saving the operator time and money.

The wood gasification boiler LogWIN Premium Touch boasts a robust construction and modern comfort through wood-fired heating. As well as being extremely durable, its stainless steel filling chamber is so large that up to 100 fewer refills are required per year than with a comparable boiler. Other benefits include the fully automatic ignition without heating material and the attachable ash trap for easy, dust-free cleaning.