A proven track record: Windhager pellet boilers break the one billion mark

July 18, 2018 - Windhager has been developing and producing innovative heating solutions for wooden pellets for two decades. In this time, the company has brought several generations of boilers to market, clocking up more than one billion operating hours of experience in the process.

Anyone who chooses a Windhager pellet heating system can be sure of getting a heat generator that meets very high quality standards and has a proven track record. Their device will encapsulate the experience and expertise gained from several generations of pellet boilers and more than one billion operating hours. This makes the company one of the most experienced and most popular pellet heating system specialists in the world.

A pellet pioneer from the very start

It was back at the end of the 1990s that Windhager brought its first pellet boiler to the market. The PMX was designed and developed in-house. Windhager set standards in operating convenience, efficiency and safety with this technology, which was totally unprecedented at the time. Furthermore, the company caused a furore on the heating market with its pellet suction system. Like the PMX, the system had also been designed and developed in-house, and conveys small compacted wood granules from storage area to boiler, even along routes that cover long distances and take in twists and turns. This type of pellet transport is still the state of the art today and has been copied many times over.

A trend-setter in pellet heating

Since launching the PMX and the pellet suction system, Windhager has brought many generations of pellet boilers to market and has been at forefront of efforts to continue to develop this heating technology. “Our aim is to make pellet heating as convenient, safe and economical as possible for our customers,” says Windhager's managing director Manfred Faustmann. Windhager's success is evidenced not only by the many prizes for innovation it has won but also, and most importantly, by its satisfied customers, who include Renate Betz from Lower Austria, for example. “Our Windhager pellet boiler is still working perfectly even after 16 years,” its owner tells us happily.

High-quality heating solutions “Made in Seekirchen”

“The quality and durability of our heating solutions is particularly important to us,” confirms Windhager's managing director Manfred Faustmann. “Windhager develops and produces all of its pellet boilers exclusively on the company's site at Seekirchen in Salzburg. We are thus one of the few manufacturers able to offer premium quality exclusively from Austria,” he continues. Windhager pellet boilers are also very popular on international markets, with two in every three devices being produced for export.