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Added value through calorific value


3 - 28 kW
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BioWIN2 Plus

Added value through pellet calorific value

For detached houses and apartments I 3 to 28 kW 

The BioWIN2 is also available as a pellet condensing boiler. In addition to its proven benefits, it delivers more heat. Thanks to intelligent condensing technology, the new BIOWIN2 Plus is up to 15% more efficient than conventional heating boilers. A heat exchanger made from high-quality stainless steel has been added to the BioWIN2 Plus in order to achieve this, enabling even the energy contained in the flue gases to be put to the best possible use. The boiler is available in three capacity ratings from 11 to 28 kW and solely as an exclusive model with all automatic cleaning functions as well as suction feed.

Boiler design


High-quality condensing heat exchanger made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel


Energy-saving and safe thanks to measured and monitored heat exchanger rinsing


Up to 15% more efficient than a modern heating boiler

Cogent to the smallest detail


  • Easy to place and assemble due to split delivery
  • Unique as maintenance only required once every year
  • Easy use through intuitive touch operation and access via smartphone
  • Fully automated heating surface cleaning
  • Increased operational safety and unaffected by fluctuating pellet quality due to the ash slider grate that runs in the opposite direction 
  • Silent, robust and maintenance-free due to patented, low-wear ignition element
  • Energy-saving and safe thanks to measured and monitored heat exchanger rinsing
  • High-quality condensing heat exchanger made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Up to 15% more efficient a heating boiler

The advantages at a glance

+ Energy-saving and reliable thanks to measured and monitored heat exchanger flushing



+ Up to 15% more efficient than a heating boiler

+ High-quality heat exchanger made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel

BioWIN2 Plus

Compact and flexible
The BIOWIN2 is the perfect fit for both new build and renovation projects – even if space is at a premium. This compact boiler only needs just over two square metres of space, inclusive of minimum clearances. On the right-hand side it needs just three centimetres clearance and it can be installed with its rear panel flush against the wall. The heat exchanger, which is resistant to condensate, can even be disassembled into its component parts to make installation easier still. The standard 100 mm flue gas connection, which makes flue renovations easier for technicians, is just as practical.

The right amount at the right time: Intelligent flushing
A water-saving flushing function consisting of two separate circuits cleans the coasting surfaces from above and the condensate collector from below.
The rinsing function is monitored at all times and only enabled if required by the operating mode.





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Pellet storage

Our experience shows that you can convert from a heating system fuelled by fossil fuels to a BioWIN2 wood pellet boiler in only a matter of days. In the event of an old oil heating system, the oil tank room can be quickly converted into a pellet storage room.

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Technical data

The BioWIN2 Plus is available in a total of four different forms. Not a combined heat and power unit.

Type Unit BW 102P BW 152P BW 212P BW 262
Nominal thermal output range (30% - 100%) (60/30°C) kW 3.2 - 11,3 4.8 - 15.9 6.7 - 22.3 8.2 - 27.5
Nominal thermal output range (30% - 100%) (70/50°C) kW 3,2 - 10,7 4,5 - 15,0 6,3 - 21,0 7,7 - 26,1
Efficiency at nominal load (60/30°C) % up to 104
Container capacity kg 71
Installation dimensions of boiler body with condensing heat exchanger mm 767 x 1015 x 1286 767 x 1085 x 1286
Installation dimensions, fuel hopper (WxDxH) mm 584 x 592 x 1471
Total weight (net) kg 379 393
Weight of boiler body (without condensing heat exchanger) kg 170 191
Flue gas connection diameter mm 100
Electrical consumption (partial load/nominal load) kW 0,028 / 0,039 0,032 / 0,046 0,039 / 0,061 0,047 / 0,077
Energy efficiency class   A++