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Switch now and benefit from up to 100% subsidies

Switch over and collect up to 100 per cent in subsidies!


Good news for all those who want to replace their boilers: Boiler replacements are now being subsidised for up to 100% of the cost depending on income.

The new year begins with good news. According to the latest press release from Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler, access to environmentally friendly heating solutions is now to be made available to all Austrians. Even those who have not been able to afford to switch from oil and gas until now. In concrete terms, this means that the Austrian federal government - in addition to the provincial subsidies - is helping support the replacement of fossil fuel heating solutions with up to 100 per cent of the eligible costs (a maximum of EUR 26,050), depending on income!

  Federal subsidy "Clean Heating for All Income criteria* Subsidy level
Stage 1 Heating replacement subsidies for all  "Get away from oil" subsidies for all, regardless of household income Up to €7,500
Stage 2 75% of subsidies for low-income households One-person households: €1,694 
Family**: €3,053
Up to €19,540 (75% of replacement costs)***
Stage 3 100% of subsidies for low-income households One-person households: €1,454 
Family**: €3,053
Up to € 26,050 (100% of replacement costs)***

*per household, net, 12x per year
**2 adults and 2 children
***each with its own cost caps according to facility type

The subsidy will be granted as of 1 January 2022 – Submissions have been accepted since 3rd January. This also makes boiler replacement affordable for those people, families and pensioners who have been hesitant thus far for financial reasons. More info can also be found at