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Focus on Bioenergy: Windhager CEO Stefan Gubi talks with top representatives in Brussels


On June 6th, Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, hosted seven high-ranking representatives from the bioenergy industry in Brussels. Among the participants was Stefan Gubi, CEO of the Windhager Group. During the meeting, Gubi emphasized the importance of clear political messages to avoid customer confusion, maintain business momentum, and secure jobs. The meaningful coexistence of biomass and heat pumps was particularly crucial at this time.

Brussels/Seekirchen: Bioenergy Europe, an influential trade association representing the interests of national biomass associations at the European level, organized the delegation to Brussels. The main goal was to accelerate the integration of bioenergy technologies into the Net-Zero Industrial Law. Additionally, discussions were held with Kitti Nyitrai and Biljana Kulisic from the Directorate-General for EU Energy Policy to address the obstacles in providing secure and sustainable energy at competitive prices. 


Thierry Breton and Stefan Gubi

Windhager has a clear position

With its outstanding technology and innovation, Windhager is considered the first manufacturer to focus entirely on biomass technology and thus exit the oil boiler business. Regarding renewable energy, Stefan Gubi has a clear opinion: "For over 100 years, Windhager has seen it as its duty to provide the ideal heating solution for every home - durable, cost-effective, and comfortable. In order to continue these success stories for future generations and achieve the climate target by 2050, all renewable energy sources are now needed - especially biomass." Only in this way is a certain resilience of the energy system possible.

Stefan Gubi at the European Parliament in Brussels.

EU Promises Increased Support EU Commissioner 

Thierry Breton showed particular interest in Windhager’s hybrid strategy and pledged his support at the EU level. Windhager’s hybrid solutions (biomass + heat pump) offer customers exceptionally future-proof heating solutions and independence from electricity prices. By cleverly combining biomass and a heat pump, the strengths of both technologies are optimally utilized to ensure highly efficient heat generation. 


A Clear Vision Requires Clear Messages 

The EU also committed to focusing on confusing communication and the resulting consumer uncertainty. With the new BioWIN Ultegra pellet boiler, Windhager introduced a pacesetter for the energy transition to the market in spring, following the motto “Plug & Heat.” To accelerate the climate transition with the help of this innovation potential, responsible policies are now needed, according to Gubi, to create a clear framework. 

Innovative “Made in Austria” for Europe's Independence 

“The backbone of a strong Europe has always been small and medium-sized enterprises,” emphasizes Gubi. Windhager places the highest priority on independence from Russia and Asia. With a self-production depth of over 75 percent, Windhager stands for genuine "Made in Austria" and manufactures innovative wood, pellet, or wood chip heating systems that are at the limit of measurability for emissions. In addition to long-lasting premium quality, the company relies on a dense customer service network that ensures fast and professional support. “Because in the end, it is up to the boiler manufacturers to ensure satisfied customers with their performance and professionalism. Predictability and long-term sustainable strategies, instead of short-term goals, are necessary conditions that need to be created by politics,” emphasizes Gubi. 

True "Made in Austria" at the factory in Seekirchen near Salzburg.
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