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BioWIN 2 Pure - simple & clean

The "simple" pellet boiler with automatic pellet loading or manual pellet loading.

Windhager is continuing to develop its biomass product range and is now offering the new BioWIN2 Pure, a pellet device that is even more environmentally friendly in operation. For this purpose, the Salzburg heating specialist has added a fine dust filter to its proven BioWIN2 Touch pellet boiler. This reduces dust emissions to less than 2.5 mg/m³. This means that the BioWIN2 Pure is a boiler with particularly low emissions. For the installation, the Austrian state pays an innovation bonus of 5 per cent on the total eligible costs.

Like all the other high-quality boilers in the BioWIN series, the unit is equipped with a robust LowDust burner made of stainless steel. Even at partial load it works so cleanly and efficiently that only a small amount of ash is produced. The compact ash box can hold the ash quantity generated by 1.5 tonnes of pellets. A counter-rotating grate keeps the burner clear of ash and ensures reliable heating operation even if pellet quality is fluctuating.

The BioWIN2 Pure earns high marks for its ease of use

The fully automatic cleaning mechanisms reduce the maintenance effort to a minimum. The boiler can easily be adjusted using the InfoWIN Plus boiler control unit. The device is also available with an optional innovative touch display. This means that, if desired, it can be controlled conveniently by smartphone or tablet via the myComfort app.

The special wear-free ignition element is also worth mentioning. Its patented design with U-shaped heaters allows it to transfer heat with great efficiency and speed. Unlike many conventional pellet boilers, the ignition element is mounted outside the combustion chamber. This design minimises the thermal stress and extends the service life. Neither the ignition element nor the stainless steel burner are wearing parts, so they are covered by the Windhager guarantee.

The BioWIN2 Pure is available with automatic pellet feeding or with a 107 or 200 litre fuel hopper for manual filling. It is available in 5 power levels from 10 to 33 kW.

Heat cleanly and benefit from the subsidies: The new BioWIN2 Pure with filter technology is considered particularly low in emissions and is therefore eligible for subsidies.

BioWIN2 Pure