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PuroWIN the Marksteiner family

An organic farm is heated with the PuroWIN wood chip gasification boiler

Potatoes, cereal and dairy products, poppy seeds and much more - the Marksteiner family's farm shop sells delicious products they produce themselves. 25 cows produce the best organic grass-fed milk, 200 hens diligently lay their eggs. When the Marksteiner family found out they were expecting a baby in 2018, a new heating solution was in order. Operating the 40-year-old firewood boiler was a hassle: frequent re-stoking, it was cold in the house in the morning and the demand for hot water for washing the returnable deposit bottles was too much for the existing heating system. At that time, a neighbour of theirs had installed a new wood chip boiler from Windhager, which Gerog Marksteiner took a closer look at. He looked into whether this heater would also be suitable for his high requirements.

And lo and behold: Together with his installer and the Windhager area manager, an ideal solution was found to satisfy the Marksteiner family’s long wish list. Now the farmers not only have enough hot water, but they can also heat their potato cellar and the air for the hay drying system if necessary. Georg Marksteiner is absolutely and completely satisfied with the new heating solution!

Overview: Reference from the Marksteiner family  
Energy type Wood chips
Site Basement/boiler room
Area of use Farm with farm shop
Old equipment 40 year old firewood boiler