Fuel data & quality

For optimum heating system operation

The quality of the wooden pellets is important to optimum heating system operation. The main criteria are (based on ENplus, ÖNORM M7135, DINplus and SWISSPELLET):

Diameter6 mm
Lengthmin. 80% between 5 and 30 mm (max. 45 mm)
Densitymin. 1.12 kg/dm³
Bulk weight650 kg/m³ to 690 kg/m³
Energy contentmin 4.6 kWh/kg
Water contentmax. 10%
Ash contentmax. 0,5%
Dust content (before transport)max. 1%
Abrasionmax. 2.3%

Visual indicators of good pellet quality include: shiny and smooth surface, consistent size, little dust. Quick quality test: drop wood pellets into a glass of water. Pellets of a good quality will sink straight away.