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Windhager has been given a makeover

February 15, 2016 - Windhager's presence at Aquatherm was the first to feature the brand new look. Through the new brand image, the Salzburg-based heating expert hopes to raise its profile as an innovative premium manufacturer.

New company logo, new tradefair stand, new boiler design. The stand of the Windhager heating experts from Salzburg had a completely new look at Aquatherm 2016. The relaunch is certainly the biggest change in the brand's appearance over the last few years and takes Windhager into a new era. "Since it was founded in 1921, Windhager has been synonymous with high-quality, precision heating technology. We want to write the next chapter in the Windhager success story. So we have developed our brand strategy and also refreshed our look," says owner and Managing director Gernot Windhager.

Heating technology is in the very DNA of Windhager

Last year, Salzburg-based communication agency IKP was tasked with putting into place the content and look of the new brand strategy. One key aim was to create a new image for Windhager in line with the company's new position and most importantly, one which is distinct. The new brand look aims to highlight more than ever the company's innovation and premium quality standards.

As the brand's DNA,"heating technology" therefore lies at the heart of the new Windhager design. There is no room in the new image for anything superfluous, just important aspects. It draws attention to the products and core messages. The new look is technically sophisticated and uses precise graphics to convey the innovativeness and high-quality workmanship of the products.

New company logo

The Windhager company logo has also been adapted in line with the same principles. "Windhager – Heat with vision. Since 1921" is the new, central brand promise. Through this logo, Windhager is underlining its dominance and at the same time illustrating the company's long-standing experience and expertise. The core elements, such as the lettering and Windhager curves, remain unchanged so it is still clearly recognisable.

The new Windhager look was unveiled to the public at Aquatherm 2016 with the launch campaign for the new Windhager wood chip gasification boiler PuroWIN.