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Premium models for new construction and renovation


1 - 21 kW
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AeroWIN Premium

Premium models for new construction and renovation

The AeroWIN Premium air/water heat pump is the perfect heating solution for single-family and multiple-family homes. It takes free energy from the ambient air and converts it into comfortable warmth for heating. The AeroWIN works extremely efficiently. The unit continuously adapts its output to actual requirements and achieves a high energy efficiency class of up to A++ even with flow temperatures of over 50°C. This allows you to heat your home in an environmentally friendly and very economical way.

AeroWIN Premium

Cogent to the smallest detail

  • Monoblock design: Can be installed without refrigeration certification (“Kälteschein”)
  • High flow temperatures up to 65°C
  • A++ energy efficiency class even with flow temperatures over 50°C
  • High output figures (A7/W35) of up to 4.8
  • Inverter technology: Regulated compressor for adapted heat output and low energy consumption
  • Steam/wet steam injection to increase efficiency
  • Large distance between fins (evaporator) for low sound power level
  • Silent mode: Quiet operation thanks to inverter technology
  • AES: Automatic de-icing system
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Optimised overheating regulation
  • Extremely low-maintenance

AEHM hydraulic module internal unit

Cogent to the smallest detail

  • Highly efficient heating circulation pump for heating and DHW
  • Shift valve for DHW loading
  • Emergency supplementary heating
  • 15-litre expansion tank
  • Safety valve, automatic venting device, manometer
  • High-quality sheet steel cladding

The advantages at a glance

+ Best possible energy efficiency even at low sub-zero temperatures

+ Infinitely variable output adjustment thanks to modern inverter technology

+ Particularly quiet operation

AeroWIN Premium

With the AeroWIN Premium, the focus is on achieving the best possible energy efficiency. Thanks to its high-quality components, the air/water heat pump achieves flow temperatures of up to 65 degrees even at very cold outside temperatures, ensuring the ultimate in hot water convenience. The AeroWIN Premium can also cover higher thermal outputs of up to 22 kW.

Whisper quiet and compact

The AeroWIN air/water heat pump requires very little space. Thanks to flexible connection and installation options, it can be easily installed outside your house. Since all AeroWIN models work on the monoblock principle, it operates very reliably. In addition, installation and maintenance costs are very low. An extra bonus is that the technician does not require a refrigeration certification to install it.

Tip: Install the AeroWIN Premium on a foundation with a suitable recess; matching brackets and connection sets are optionally available.

The AeroWIN is not only highly energy-efficient, it is also extremely quiet. At a distance of five metres, the sound pressure level is only about 30 decibels – roughly equivalent to the operating noise of a modern refrigerator. If required, the silent mode function ensures barely audible operation – at night, for example.

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All safety-related components and those required for distributing heat in the house are accommodated in the AEHM hydraulic module to save space. This includes an energy-saving heating circulation pump, safety fittings such as the expansion tank, and supplementary heating for occasional peaks in demand.




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Our heat pumps at a glance

Technical data

Type   AEP 7.6 AEP 13.9
Hydraulic module in a set AEHM
Operating unit   InfoWIN Touch
Thermal output (EN 14511) A2/W35 kW
4.2 8.3
  A-7/W35 kW 6.9 12.9
COP value (EN 14511) A2/W35   3.9 4.1
  A-7/W35   2.8 3.0
SCOP (EN14825)   4.0 4.8
Sound power level (EN 12102) dB(A) 50 54
Sound pressure level at a distance of 5 m in free field dB(A) 28 32
Maximum operating limit, heating system side °C 65 65
Dimensions of heat pump cm 127x59x90 149x59x105
Dimensions of hydraulic module cm 56x38x77 56x38x77
Weight of heat pump kg 160 175
Weight of hydraulic module kg 43 43
Energy efficiency class for average climate (W35/W55)   A++/A++ A+++/A++