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The wood chip heating revolution


Wood chip boiler for single-family and multiple-family homes and for commercial properties

7 to 60 kW

Wood chip boiler PuroWIN


The wood chip heating revolution

With the PuroWIN, we have revolutionised heating with wood chip. Never before has this fuel been used so cleanly, safely and intelligently to supply heat. The zero-emission gasification boiler offers impressively smart and safe technology and is also the first boiler to utilise suction to transport wood chip.

  • Patented wood chip gasification combustion process
  • The first boiler that is ready for series production with suction of wood chips
  • The only system with dust emissions of less than 1 mg without additional filters
Hackschnitzelheizungen - Hackgutheizungen
Hackgutheizungen - Hackgut


Cogent to the smallest detail

  • Vertical or horizontal flue connection available
  • High-quality touch display with glass surface for intuitive operation
  • Robust combustion chamber made from stainless steel and cast iron
  • Combustion of ascending wood gases
  • Fresh, unburned wood chip
  • Active layer of charcoal produced automatically
  • Ember bed
  • Twin ash removal plate
  • Automatic ash conveyor in ash box

Automatische Nachheizflächenreinigung

Wahlweise senkrechter oder waagrechter Abgasanschluss

Hochwertiges Touch-Display mit Glasoberfläche für intuitive Bedienung

Robuster Brennraum aus Edelstahl und Guss

Verbrennung der aufsteigenden Holzgase

Frisches, unverbranntes Hackgut

Selbstständig entstehende Aktivkohleschicht


Doppelte Entaschungsplatte

Automatische Ascheaustragungin Aschebox

Direct feed

  • Complete room clearing system has minimal power consumption of 120 W on average
  • Anti-blocking system
  • Large, asymmetric auger channel
  • Smart rotary feeder
  • Operated with 230 V connection

Minimaler Stromverbrauch der kompletten Raumaustragung bei durchschnittlich 120 Watt


Großer, asymmetrischer Schneckenkanal

Intelligente Zellradschleuse

Betrieb mit 230 Volt-Anschluss

Suction feed

  • Robust stainless steel fuel hopper with a capacity of 270 l
  • Mixer for smoothly transporting wood chip into the boiler
  • Return pipe which only draws in air
  • Fire protection scraper
  • Piping in which the wood chip is transported to the boiler
  • Blower located in the storage room itself
  • Transfer box
  • Auger for transporting the wood chip out of the storage room

Robuster Vorratsbehälter aus Edelstahl mit 270 l Fassungsvermögen

Rührwerk für reibungslosen Hackgut-Transport in den Kessel

Rückleitung, in der nur Luft gesaugt wird


Rohrleitung, in der das Hackgut zum Kessel befördert wird

Gebläse, das sich direkt beim Lagerraum befindet


Schnecke zum Transport des Hackguts aus dem Lagerraum


A solution for every storage room

The PuroWIN has a wood chip transport solution for virtually any store room configuration. It can also be used in conventional setups where the boiler room and wood chip store are adjacent to one another. In this case, the wood chip is transported to the boiler via the auger channel. The modular design of the auger transport system allows the length of the augers to be individually adapted up to a distance of 6 m. We have the ideal solution for your needs.

Boiler and storage on ground level:

Direct filling of storage room, transport to boiler via auger

Boiler in the basement and storage on ground level:

Direct filling of storage room, link to boiler via down pipe

Boiler in the basement, storage in mezzanine:

Horizontal room clearing to the boiler

Boiler and storage in the basement – variant 1:

Filling of storage room via ceiling-mounted filling auger, transport to boiler via auger

Boiler and storage in the basement – variant 2:

Filling of storage room via ceiling opening, transport to boiler via auger


Flexible transport of wood chip

The PuroWIN is the first wood chip boiler to be able to transport wood chip using a suction system – the only system in the world with this feature. Transport distances of up to 25m and 7m high can be handled with ease by the Windhager suction System.

It doesn't matter whether the wood chip is to be transported to the boiler in a straight line or round bends. This means you can easily store fuel in another building.

Only the PuroWIN offers this level of flexibility.


Der PuroWIN...

delivers maximum operating reliability, not just for the boiler itself, but also for the fuel extraction system.

The auger for all scenarios

For the PuroWIN, we have developed an unusual safety auger channel with Side Slide Technology (SST). Depending on fuel, up to 60 percent of the wood chip is transported to the side of the auger rather than directly into it. Foreign bodies and large pieces of wood can cause virtually no harm. The system is also very quiet and smooth-running. Minimal wear and low power consumption are further benefits of the SST auger channel.

Robust agitator protection

The spur gear unit of the agitiator is protected and requires no maintenance and experiences no wear. It is completely reliable and combines high efficiency with great ease of movement. It uses up to 75% less energy than conventional solutions.

A surround protects the gear unit

The gear unit drives the mixer, compound springs and the entire auger. Unlike the usual setup, this is not attached directly to the floor but is supported by a protective surround. This protects the gear unit from the weight of the wood chip. We've fitted bend protection to the mixer's compound springs of other manufacturers and therefore much more robust.



Technical data

The PuroWIN is available in five different forms. Here is an overview of the technical data.


PW 24
PW 30
PW 40
PW 49
PW 60
Rated output range
7,2 - 24
9 - 30
12 - 40
14,7 - 49
18 - 60
Boiler efficiency at nominal load (W20 wood chip)
Total boiler weight
Weight of boiler body
Weight fuel hopper
(PuroWIN with suction feed)


Volume fuel hopper
(PuroWIN with suction feed)


Flue gas connection diameter

Power consumption of Boiler during part load/nominal load
53 / 81
54 / 92
60 / 105
66 / 120
72 / 133
Dimensions of boiler body with crate, W x D x H
826 x 993 x 1812
Minimum installation dimensions of boiler body, W x D x H
785 (745) x 978 x 1663