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Windhager produces modern "Made in Austria" boilers for your individual heating based on renewable energy. Products range from pellet boilers to wood boilers and solar systems, and also include energy efficient fossil-fuel heating systems such as a gas or oil heating system. As one of the world's leading companies in the pellet heating field, Windhager impresses with quality and innovation. Current evidence of this is the newly developed BioWIN 2 pellet boiler, which offers more efficient combustion, innovative comfort, and low maintenance costs. The BioWIN 2 is already considered the most efficient and smallest boiler in its class.

Wood heating: our product selection of wood heaters impresses with high safety during more efficient use of raw wood material. Wood has been used for millennia as an energy source, and is a very environmentally friendly fuel which continually grows.

Environmentally friendly heating: We want to use our raw materials carefully for the sake of the environment. Our gas heating and oil heating are regarded as efficient and effective. Our boilers have very clean operation and require only low cleaning and maintenance costs.

Your comprehensive partner: In addition to pellet boilers, wood boilers, gas heating, solar systems, and oil heaters, we also offer heat accumulators, hot water tank boilers, and heating controls or systems, such as the fuel feed for the pellet storage. Take advantage of our wide product range and ensure yourself the benefits that come with Windhager as your heating partner.

Useful information: in our useful information section, you will find other helpful tips about heating and can inform yourself about current subsidies. Learn more about your ecological footprint and read our “healthy heating“ tips. Our fuel barometer shows you the price development of our fuels. Calculate the size of your pellet store with our pellet storage app. This also shows you which different possibilities you have with your pellet storage room.

Convert to a new Windhager boiler and receive free energy saving service.*

* Applies only for the exchange of an old boiler for a new Windhager boiler which has no subsidies after 2014.